Lydia is a lifelong gamer with a passion for the law. While attending University of Washington School of Law, she co-founded the Sports and Entertainment Law Society, through which she organized events to educate other students, professors, and community members on the field of esports law. She served as a Senior Managing Editor for the Washington International Law Journal, interned at a law firm in Prague, Czech Republic, and spent three months studying law at Roma Tre University in Rome, Italy.

Lydia first joined ESG Law as a legal intern in 2018, during her second year of law school. Interning at a firm where she was able to apply her legal education to the nascent esports legal industry, explore novel applications of old legal ideas, and constantly be challenged to get creative and shift perspectives solidified her career goals of joining ESG Law full time after graduation. In October 2019, Lydia started as a full time Associate Attorney at ESG Law.

Since starting with ESG Law, Lydia has been exposed to many different legal issues across the esports industry including working on legal documents for esports leagues, assisting with immigration cases for clients’ staff and players, researching various laws and navigating how they apply to esports, and drafting documents to help clients efficiently and effectively run their businesses. As she continues to grow her practice with ESG Law, Lydia looks forward to building relationships with more clients and assisting them to experiment, innovate, and dominate the esports industry.